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GAME by Unstable King

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Game is a comedy show about three friends who believe they are trapped in a game. Told through sketch inspired comedy, invented games, circus feats and Chuck Norris’s Martial Way™ the show is a playful journey about winning, losing and the discomfort of close range paint-ball gunfire. Inspired by the virtual worlds of computer games, the glory of Takeshi’s Castle and the inherent joy in winning it is a perfect nostalgia trip for the Nintendo 64 generation and a hilarious anti-Disney adventure for children. Featuring music by Bon Jovi, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kola Kid and the should have been massive martial arts rock band Dragon Sound.

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The Most Dangerous Cup Of Tea In The World by Tit for Tat

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Meet Rick & Kevin, two contrasting oddballs drawn together by a most bizarre and dangerous passion for tea. They have concocted a recipe born from one belief; tea only tastes good if you almost die making it! Join them in a whirlwind escapade of laughter, skill, and storytelling as they make the most dangerous cup of tea in the world! A show with spectacular juggling displays, comical acrobatics, farcical play and general sillyness! Rick & Kevin have made each step of the tea making process as near-lethal as possible.

Using Circus, Farce, and Theatre, we look for the oddities within normality. Visually and physically exploring the extremes of complexity. Aiming to make our audiences hold their breath, choke on their expectations, and then laugh it all out... whilst hopefully experiencing something truly unique in the process!

This project began as comedic gentleman juggling duo 'Ryman & Lou' before exploding, sip by sip, into the tea-infused chaos of 'The Most Dangerous Cup Of Tea In The World' ...which has steadily and merrily corroded Kev's tongue around most parts of England and France.  

Hatigue by Ryan Murphy

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Hatigue is a short act featuring a sleep deprived juggler suffering from narcolepsy. Dragged on stage by whatever stage hands are... well, at hand... he is abruptly woken and told to perform. The would-be performer sluggishly dances amongst an array of headwear, his eyes daringly (or perhaps, unavoidably) half closed. Fluidity combats fatigue, and muscle memory goes to war with a teetering body on complete shut down.

Performed at cabarets and corporate venues, the act went through many changes since its initial recording.

Mache Ado About Nothing by Knuk

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Mache Ado About Nothing is a collaborative exploration of language and social lunacy. Based in a work-based dystopia, the office becomes a setting rather than a subject. The stage transforms into a world of drawing, colour, and intrigue as paper and equipment become alive and increasingly hungry. This world has its own rules, its own norms, and its own sense of what is acceptable. Using puppetry and physical theatre to uncover a madness that tears apart and examines the human psyche. 

An international creation with Artists Ana Mirtha Sariego, Nicolas Greco, and Ryan Murphy. Influenced by short films such as Rat Race (Steve Cutts) and The Meaningful Life Project. This project began as early research and development before branching out into separate performances and works. Supported by the National Centre of Circus Arts via Lab:time.

The Caligari Experience by Compass

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Silent-cinema classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari in triple screen panorama, with 3D projection-mapped scenery. Created through original techniques of handpainting, digitizing and animating, the show pulls the audience into its crooked and Gothic world. The cast perform by peopling the film’s streets and spaces with physical theatre, circus, dance and aerial pieces that extend and explore the films  nuances.

Accompanied by the atmospheric soundscape of Minima’s avant-garde score, synthesising electric guitar, cello, bass and drums into a fusion that is at times psychedelic, with movements that are beautiful and haunting.

Compass Presents: The Caligari Experience