The Ball

A project of two halves: a daytime show where the audience are invited to join the rebellious waiters in overthrowing their gluttonous master, followed

by a grand evening performance where the squabbling family members argue over their inheritance and attempt to get their servants back in check.

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The Apertif

In preparation for their annual ball, Lord Gredus, has decided to offer some of the potential guests the chance to have a taste of the high life, a sneak peak of power, class and indulgence. His faithful staff however have other ideas in mind! So in a secret location, guests are invited to attend the Gredus Aperitif.

Together they meet Lord Gredus and are assigned their own waiter. With the help of headphones, they are taught the etiquette, manners and best practice of the waiting staff, all through the medium of movement.

A unique take on a silent disco; the piece will see audiences inducted into the world of the greatest servants on earth and invited into their secret plot to overthrow their master. With an explosive finale, as Lord Gredus himself is sacrificed, the piece explores the dark side of gluttony and consumerism with a gory finish.

The Ball

Lord Monte and Lady Moneta Gredus cordially invite you to their annual ‘Family Ball’. An extravagant and exciting evening of pomp and ceremony. But this year tragedy has struck as Lord Monte has suddenly passed away! The family are in mourning but The Ball must go on.The audience are invited to a party like no other, where preparation is key and the underlying story is as old as time…to get what you want, you have to play the game. Matches are made, families are aligned and the game is afoot. After all, when it comes to money…blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Taking an eccentric look at the themes of greed, power and family. The piece draws on influences such as Peter Greenaway, Matthew Bourne and The Adams Family, and uses Wet Picnic’s trademark style of audience interaction and eccentric play to create an extravagant night time experience.