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This is a project looking to take Circus Skills, namely juggling, away from its usual sense of display and spectacle and framing it instead as part of a logical narrative. Where books are juggled because shelves are breaking, where vases are caught because the cat knocked them over, where ladders are climbed because light bulbs need changing or the sky needs painting.

Ultimately aiming to remove any display of skill that exists solely for the sake of the display alone. Where the 'circus' is driven from the theatre within a scene, whether its walking into a fiasco at the launderettes, or if its a typical juggling act that has been somehow ruined, compromised, or interrupted.

This is a collaborative exploration made possible through Arts Council England's International Artistic Development Fund. Connecting with Artists in both France and Madrid that have shared similar training in Lecoq/Gaulier Theatrical techniques, and using that theory to push circus in a different direction. Watch this space for updates and project progress!


Maia Ayling (Director/Facilitator), Ana Mirtha Sariego (Director/Facilitator),

Eva Zibler (Creative Juggling), Louis Lamprell (Unusual Props) and Stephanie Casey (Photography and Movement)

For a look at some of the video's from this project, please scroll on down!

Telescopic Ladders: Showreel

With special thanks to...

Daoíz y Velarde Cultural Center (Madrid)     Le Centquatre (Paris)     Académie Fratellini (Paris)

E.T.S.I.T Theatre Space (Madrid)                  APECCV - Social Circ (Valencia)