Current Projects

Juggling Oddjective

Ryan Murphy

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JUGGLING ODDJECTIVE is an international project connecting Lecoq-trained Artists from England, Spain and France. The project looks at applying techniques of character, narrative, and theatrics in the creation of actions of Juggling and circus based skill display. Taking circus away from its usual sense of spectacle, and framing it within a body of logic that grows from the characters and scene - making each technical skill an organic integration of what is occurring on stage.

Filled with unusual juggling equipment, from ladders to entire bookshelves, the project uses themes of fiasco, chaos and accident to create a theatrical need for juggling. Drawing on different disciplines and creative styles to inform a creative process that can create and then portray this organic growth in a seamless manner.


Solo Research & Development

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Ryan explores his own degenerative hearing loss as a celebratory source of Play and joyous perspective.

A show exploring cultural boundary and social identity when existing between two distinctly different worlds, and belonging to neither.

Not a commentary on loss or difficulty, but rather a half-mad ear-splitting laugh towards the awkwardness of all humanity.

Highlighting the connections that we all share, which require no words or logic, where the loudest actions are lost in translation, and the tiniest looks become deafening.

In this world of chattering heads and singing hands, we explore a dialect of love and humour, where we put our egos aside, and revel in the absurd.

THE BALL / Apéritif

by Wet Picnic

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Lord Monte and Lady Moneta Gredus cordially invite you to their annual ‘Family Ball’. An extravagant and exciting evening of pomp and ceremony. But this year tragedy has struck as Lord Monte has suddenly passed away! The family are in mourning but The Ball must go on. The audience are invited to a party like no other, where preparation is key and the underlying story is as old as get what you want, you have to play the game. Matches are made, families are aligned and the game is afoot. After all, when it comes to money...blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Taking an eccentric look at the themes of greed, power and family. The piece draws on influences such as Peter Greenaway, Matthew Bourne and The Adams Family, and uses Wet Picnic’s trademark style of audience interaction and eccentric play to create an extravagant night time experience.

Wet Picnic