SAX & HAts

Ryan Murphy & Maia Ayling

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Beautiful and elegant, or comedic and absurd - this act is adaptable for both corporate events, dining audiences, cabarets and playful outdoor entertainment.

Suitable for any performance space or venue, with juggling unhindered by low ceilings or narrow stages.

A collaboration between Juggler and Musician, combining Ryan's unique style of movement and hat manipulation with live music from Saxophonist and Performer Maia Ayling.

Hat Juggling

for Corporate and Cabaret Events

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A flurry of limbs and headwear; dance & movement combined with character and elegant juggling.

Ryan has performed various adaptions of his Hat Routine in all manner of styles and venues, including private dining events, large-scale site specifics, indoor & outdoor stages and even confined festival tents.

Stylistically the piece has been performed as balletic dance, sombre movement, suave fashion, quiet & quirky entertainment, comedic characters, surreal creatures and modern clown.

The piece is also highly versatile to performance spaces and height restrictions.

With gentle humour and unusual dexterity, this act is suitable for any occasion, and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Telescopic Ladders

for Corporate and Cabaret Events

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This act can be performed both indoors and outdoors, in formats suitable for street entertainment or for more formal or corporate functions.

The narrative varies depending on the show, but always begins with a seemingly simple task; to read a speech, to change a light, to perform some juggling, or to rig an aerial rope for the next act. But as our compliant and humble worker attempts his endeavour, a quiet farce quickly unfolds into chaos and full blown fiasco.

Rungs and steps collapse, arms and legs become trapped and our would-be stagehand becomes contorted between two ladders.

An act with high tension and comedic wonder.

Also available as a more traditional circus balancing act