In Development

Today I Am Become dEAF

Ryan explores his own degenerative hearing loss as a celebratory source of Play and joyous perspective.

A show exploring cultural boundary and social identity when existing between two distinctly different worlds, and belonging to neither.

Not a commentary on loss or difficulty, but rather a half-mad ear-splitting laugh towards the awkwardness of all humanity.

Highlighting the connections that we all share, which require no words or logic, where the loudest actions are lost in translation, and the tiniest looks become deafening. 

In this world of chattering heads and singing hands, we explore a dialect of love and humour, where we put our egos aside, and revel in the absurd. 



Two Idiots Telling A Story - Knuk Theatre

A new show in development by emerging company 'Knuk' - two idiots cut up their thoughts, and blend them together in one colourful mess!

Knuk is interested in provoking audiences by creating high-impact physical theatre. 

Using clown, slapstick, multi-lingual text, and choreography, with a particular interest in the eccentric and absurd, the company interrogates big human themes such as identity, love, loss and belonging.

Knuk Theatre is lucky enough to be in collaboration with the wonderful stupidity of exciting international artists and performers. from different nationalities and backgrounds:

 Ryan Murphy (U.K), Nicolás Greco  (Argentina), Diego Akselrad (Argentina), Jed Hancock-Brainerd (U.S.A), Rebecca Noon (U.S.A), Randy Gingsburg (U.S.A) Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro (Spain), Alejandro de Santos (Spain), Emiliano Calcagno (Spain)