A new show by Tit for Tat


We are currently balancing the books, as it were, to make this project possible.

Combining circus, theatre and Tit for Tat’s usual penchant for fiasco and mayhem to share our love for stories. Join our oddball enthusiasts from town to town, on their quest between the margins, revelling in the wonderful stupidity of make-believe and adventure.


With flames, water and bestial roars all literally erupting from the pages, Books! is an engaging Circus Theatre experience with absurd juggling and unusual acrobatics – aimed towards adults and kids alike.

Join our maniacal descent into the big questions like “what makes a good story?” and “just how hard is a hardback anyway?”


The show is 30 to 45 minutes in length, and follows 4 eccentric vagabonds on their quest to find the ultimate story.

In addition to the main performances, we are also developing “Little Books” – an accompanying walkabout/installation style piece that is more intimate and aimed towards younger audiences.


Our main performance follows our company’s ‘reverse pixar’ model – in that it’s made for adults, but kids will love it too.

This show is available for bookings for spring/summer 2020, and will be refined and completed over the new year.


Hello. Do take a seat. Get comfortable. We have something rather marvellous to share. Its a book. But not just any book, see. Though we do have other books. They’re rather marvellous too. We’ll get into those later. Not literally – though some do have a lot of depth. Others are a particularly heavy read, so we’ll have to leave them on the shelf.

I digress. The thing about this particular book is that it’s SPECIAL. You see, as a family of reading enthusiast, page connoisseurs and utter fiends of font – we have finally found THE Book. The Book to begin, middle and END all other books!!

The greatest story ever told – and it must be enjoyed. It must be read. It must be shared. Every footnote. Every page number. Every comma, and fullstop. Fullstop. New paragraph.

Indent.                     Ah. You made it, good. So perhaps you think “the greatest story ever told” is a bold claim? Well, I’d say it’s not only bold, but also underlined and in italics. Yes, YES. This book sends tendrils and shivers running down our collective spines; binding us all together like a treasured journal. Its pages weathered by exhilaration, tragedy and EXPLOSIVE JOY

– Rupert’s Memoirs